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Free Medical Advice
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Patient Education
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Free Health Advice
Noreen Aslam Health & Fitness by Noreen Aslam
All the facts you should know about Obesity new0.gif (894 bytes)........ Click Here            

bn50.JPG (1190 bytes) Breaking NEWS: Defibrillators Can Prolong Misery  new0.gif (894 bytes)
The device, which costs $20,000, plus $10,000 for the operation to insert it, is already approved for people (including Vice President Dick Cheney) who have heart rhythm disturbances that can be corrected by electric shocks to the heart ...CLICK HERE
Prof Dr Irshad ul Haque History taking & Clinical examination by Prof Dr Irshad ul Haque new0.gif (894 bytes)
A COMPREHENSIVE BOOKLET on Clinical methods, designed by the Medicine department, Punjab Medical College Faisalabad Pakistan for the guidance of Undergraduate Medical Students and graduate doctors.............CLICK HERE
Dr Hina Ayesha Breast-Feeding Best Bet for Babies by Dr Hina Ayesha new0.gif (894 bytes)
More than two decades of research have established that breast milk is perfectly suited to nourish infants and protect them from illness. Breast-fed infants have lower rates of hospital admissions, ear infections, diarrhea, rashes, allergies, and other medical problems than bottle-fed babies.............CLICK HERE
Dr Zahid Masood Polio Cases Drop by 99% from 1988 to 2000 by Dr Zahid Masood new0.gif (894 bytes)
VITAL INFORMATION provided in the Statistical Reports of the organizations as WHO, UNICEF, UNESCO & other authentic data providers.............CLICK HERE
Dr Ambreen Farrukh New technique to detect ovarian cancer  by Dr Ambreen Farrukh new0.gif (894 bytes)
An article in The Times reports on a promising new technique for detecting ovarian cancer, involving the identification of a 'protein barcode' in the blood. The article accurately reflects the findings of a study.............CLICK HERE

....... What is it?
CRIMEAN-CONGO HAEMORRHAGIC FEVER (CCHF) poses a threat to Pakistan. A WHO facts sheet explains the disease with its Virus, Symptoms, Diagnosis & its PREVENTION.............CLICK HERE
Dr Abdul Hafeez Chaudhry The Structure of Heart  by Prof Dr Abdul Hafeez Ch.
To understand PREVENTIVE CARDIOLOGY, public needs to know about the Structure of Heart and its Circulation explained in very simple words..............CLICK HERE
Dr Khurram Raja Qisas & Diyat Ordinance  by Dr Khurram Sohail Raja
Brief Introduction to the Ordinance which plays a pivotal role in our judicial system. A guideline for the undergraduate medical students..............CLICK HERE
sameera50.JPG (1649 bytes) Depression after Delivery by Dr Sameera Bazli
Postpartum depressive disorders lead to maternal disability and disturbed mother-infant relationships, but information regarding the rates of major depressive disorder in minority women is noticeably lacking..............CLICK HERE
j&t.gif (1998 bytes) medi-jokes & toons
emed invites you to contribute your choice of Medical jokes& cartoons from any field of Medicine.............CLICK HERE
Dr Mohammad Sajid Sheikh Self examination for Breasts for any disease by Dr Sajid Sheikh
Applying very simple methods, every woman can examine herself for any disease and can catch some dangerous disease in very early stages. ......... CLICK FOR ENGLISH        .......... CLICK FOR URDU
The Role of a Muslim Doctor......... by Prof. Mahmoud Abu - Saud
"O mankind! There hath come to you a direction from your Lord and a healing for the (disease) in your hearts, - and for those who believe, a guidance and a mercy." .............CLICK HERE
Prof Dr Zahid Yasin Hashmi Hepatitis C: Clinical Spectrum by Prof Dr Zahid Yasin Hashmi
The hepatitis C virus (HCV) is an important cause of both acute and chronic hepatitis. As with all diseases, the clinical course and outcome of hepatitis C are variable - there is no single natural history of disease, but rather a broad clinical
spectrum of disease presentations and outcomes.........  CLICK HERE
mrstahir50.JPG (1269 bytes) emed + GlaxoSmithKline (gsk)
EVENT OF THE MONTH.... when emed and gsk got together in a combined get together and displayed 'emed' to the doctor's community on multi media on January 19th 2002 at Serena Hotel Faisalabad........... CLICK HERE

Updated Doctor's Directory
An Updated information of the Imminent Pakistani Doctors in Faisalabad and around........... CLICK HERE

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