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Free Medical Advices

I am a 34yr old women
And my husband and i have been trying to get pregnant for a few months.
I have missed my last 2 periods and have done 3 home pregnancy test that have all come back with a negative result, so i'm not pregnant what could possibly be wrong with me?
thank you
Darren & Leanne

Dear Darren & Leanne
Thanks for using our Free Medical Advice.
Regarding your problem, Missed periods with negative pregnancy test could be due to some HORMONAL IMBALANCE.
A pelvic Ultrasound Scan &
A Hormonal assay
will be helpful in detecting your problem.

Dear Doctor
I think I may have a problem with digesting my food because for a few weeks it has been really sore going to the loo. I have tried to increase my intake of fibre to try and help but this hasn't made any difference.
My doctor is on leave at the moment and only returns at the end of the month, can you give me some advice on what to do.
Kind regards
Wendy Coleman

Dear Wendy Coleman,
Its better for you to be in touch with your GP, however, its good that u have already increased fibre diet. Take plenty of fluids as well. Do not hook on to laxatives.The definition of constipation varies from patient to patient.
Go for regular jogging, leave sedentary lifestyle if there.
All the best.

My mother is the patient of" suger" from the last 10 yrs.She is 47yrs of age.Her suger level is very high the reading in fasting is 200-250.She also have been used insoline,but it increase their sugar level. Now she is using dionil and glocophag,but she have sever pain in her feet.Her feets brust and also often make there wounds. She has surgried already her feets(gangrein).Plz reply
us as soon as possible
thank u EMED.
Hannan Sajid

I m thank full 2 u that reply in a kind manner.Now i would like 2 tell u that vr in faisalabad.And kindly requist u that plz tell us the corresponding consultant,and also his fee . Our tel # _________ Now i want 2 tell u
that why my mom stopped the insuline,because doctor told her that there is some hurdale which is making sugar level high in fasting 300.He suggested 2 examine a spacialist but v don't know the realted doctor.Than my mom started again the previous dose(glulcophag,dionil).But result is 200 in fasting. And further mom feels pain's shock in her all body.

Your Mom needs complete check up. Its therefore advised that you see Prof Zahid Yaseen Hashmie, who runs a diabetic clinic as well.You can hook him up in DHQ hospital or at NAWAZ MEDICARE.

hello i am, sally from the uk
my grand doughter is 4weeks old and thay have found a heart murmor and we are worried can you tell us what this is and what happens next thankyou we are waiting for an appointment with a pediatrition

Dear Sally,
THANKS for using our Free medical Advice.
Regarding the problem of your granddaughter, at 4 weeks of age, this murmer (if isolated) can be innocent but if it is showing some signs then it can be otherwise. From your letter, it is not clear whether there is any symptom or not? Kindly answer following questions:
whether the child has any feeding problem?
what is child’s weight?
whether child was of normal term or premature?
whether she turns blue on crying?
Waiting for these answers,
Dr Hina Ayesha,


iam a healthy male of 23y my height is 10f 11in and my weight is 93kg but my waist is 35in.my problem is that cuz iam doing bodybuliding so i just wanna loose body fat but not body muscle.reciently i gained 5kg god knows how.my diet is very simple.in breakfast i take an apple or orange juice.in lunch i take 1 capati with chicken or rarely mutton curry,in dinner i take 2capaties with curry.i never take cold drinks or bakery products.but i do take 4eggs whites cuz there is protien in it.i just wanna know that were am i wrong that my weight is not declining.iam jogging for the last 2months but have no results.and yes do u want me to go for brown bread instead of 2capaties?kindly show me the way regarding food how to reduce weight cuz my food is not all abnormal..

first of all theres mistake regarding yr height as u have mentioned its10feet&11inches. regarding yr diet plan it will be best advice if u shift yr actual diet to half.n about yr actual diet uno him very well.n my recommendations abt yr diet is always take one chappati don't go for brown breads try to take raw vegetables salad n instead of juices take fruits coz it will give u satiety value as containing lot of roughage(fibre).avoid fats n oils as much as u can n for muscle build up u can use boiled /baked meats(bar-b-q) but not too much.carry on yr exercise patterns.u will get yr target but slowly.coz atonce wt reduction can lead to lot of abnormalties.
regards from

Dear Dr. Amer,
I wish to ask, is this advisable for a person living in Faislabad to wear contact lenses while riding a bike. Manya times I have seen people complaining red eyes, soar eyes and infections after wearing lenses.

Dear Ansar Yahya,
THANKS for using our Free Medical Advice. Regarding your problem of wearing contact lenses in Faisalabad, you are very true about catching infection due to dust.
But instead of not wearing your lenses, you use SUNGLASSES while on a bike during the day time and PLAIN GLASSES (zero number) during the night.This will save your lenses from dust in Faisalabad and you can avoid catching infection.
Dr Amer Ali Chaudhry

My 7-year old son has since birth had a nonretractable prepuce. Our GP recommended preputial plasty to correct the problem. I met the surgeon to discuss and he told me that, depending on the quality of the skin during the surgery, circumcision may be necessary. The surgery is scheduled in 2 months but what I have read on the internet leads me to believe that a topical steroid may be effective in treating the phimosis -- or just waiting a couple years. Although my son is not a good aim when he urinates, there is no pain or problem at this point and I really don't want to put him through unnecessary surgery...
Please advise as soon as possible whether I should postpone/cancel the surgery or simply try an alternative prior to surgery.

Dear Annie,
THANKS for using our Free Medical Advice.
Regarding your problem, one thing is for sure that CIRCUMCISION is the best answer to Phimosis.
You have mentioned that topical steroid treatment. It is effective in certain cases but re-currence occurs in many cases and then surgery is undertaken ultimately.
You have said whether you should wait for 2 years for surgery, it should be decided on the availability of the skin which is needed to be circumcised. Leave this decision upon your surgeon.
It is suggested to you that you have been advised correctly and you should get rid of this phimosis problem once and for ever.

Dear Dr.Arif Sohail Sheikh
I would like to inform you that I am interested in your web page . I would be so grateful if you allow me to ask a few questions about medical work in Muscat City. I am a Psychiatrist holding a Board degree in Psychiatry & I am a member of a teaching staff of Medical College for the last 7 years. I am interested in a medical work in Oman. I wrote a request to Directorate General of Medical Affairs & I got an invitation message for interview for a Post Specialist Psychiatry . My question is : Does this invitation to come to Muscat for Evaluation indicate that there is a definite job waiting for me or just an assessment interview & then they will put my name on the waiting list . Another point I would like to clarify it from you is that : if I have an 8 years postgraduate experience after one year after I started my work in Oman ,does the salary will corrected accordingly or fixed at the time of joining to my hospital. I hope that I am not bothering you by my questions .Looking forward to receiving from you soon.Thanking you very much in advance .
Yours sincerely

Dear Dr.Asad;
I have gone through your mail & am sure that in near future you will be working with us as a Psychiatrist. But dear, you didnot write me your origin? From which part of the world do you belong as by your name you appear to be somewhere near by & no from Pakistan. I will be grateful if you write me further details about you so that I can guide you accordingly.
All the best doctor.
Dr.Arif Sohail.

Thank you very much for your message. I apologize for my forgotten to tell you more information about me. I am an Iraqi doctor & now I am working in Libya. I expect that you will help me even if I am not from Pakistan. I will be grateful if you help me & guide me for my future work.
Looking forward to receiving from you soon.
Thanking you very much in advance.
Best Regards.
Yours sincerely

Dear Dr.Asad Almosawi;
Sorry to be a bit late in replying to your email. It was nice to hear from you & to hear that you are Iraqi in origin as this way your chances to join Ministry of Health Oman are very high keeping in mind that you are Arabic speaking doctor and can very easily communicate with the local people here. OK my dear, there are very good chances for you here as already plenty of Iraqi doctors are already working under the ministry e-g; our Consultant here in Buraimi Hospiatl for Medicine is also Iraqi and is a very good friend of mine. He is with us for last 5 years & is very happy in continuing his services for another 5 years. The system of health services here is perfect & upto the mark. The only thing you have to do is to write a letter to the address I have mentioned in emedpak.com & then procede. I will try to send you the email address of the ministry of health & that will make your job a lot more easy. Psychiatrists are offerered the job equivalent to Junior specialist upto the senior specialist depending upon there level of postgraduation & experience. I hope you will enjoy your stay in Oman as it is one of the most peaceful countries in the gulf. There is a great scope for the arabic speaking doctors in every field over here & I know very well Iraqi docotrs are quite competent doctors in there respective fields. Please start your paper work from now onwards if you are really interested to join us. All the best to you & your family. I am waiting for your reply.
Dr. Arif Sohail.

I don't know whether I should consult a cardiologist. But I have a serious problem.I am an Indian now in Dubai. I injected some 6-10 ml of mercury in my vein in 1993. I was trying to commit suicide. I didn't die and I forget it. In 1997 I happened to take an X-ray of my chest.And the picture show lots of spots in my lungs and other organs. So I consulted a physician and he asked me to do some pulmonary tests.seeing the result he said everything is okay. but now I feel I am having the toll of the poison on me.I am 30 yrs and my height is 173 cm. but my weight is only 52-53kg. And I am getting thin day by day.I myself feel that I am getting weaker, day by day. I haven't told this to anybody else in my family. Nobody knows this . They are planning marriage for me. But I don't want to spoil some innocent girls life, since I am having the poison inside me.
Doctor, I am under emotional and physical stress.Pls help me out. Give me an advice
I'll b waiting for ur reply.

Dear Sony,
THANKS for using our free medical advice.
Your problem regarding a dose of mercury injected to urself in 1993 and then getting symptoms now after 9 years seems something which should be properly diagnosed. Chronic mercury poisoning usually occurs in following cases:
a- after effects of an acute attack of mercury poisoning.
b- after medication of mercury in some disease.
c- continuous accidental absorption of small doses of mercury.
In your case, doses are not continuous but there is some probability of the after effects of an acute attack because mercury being a metal poison can remain in the body for a long period of time.
If we take the probability of the after effects then u must be experiencing,
1- excessive salivation with metallic taste in mouth.
2- loosening of teeth with swollen gums.
3- nervous symptoms as tremors which may increase on writing, speaking on writing.
Highest concentration of mercury after entering the body is found in kidneys followed by liver, spleen, muscles, heart and lungs.
So see urself if these organs are effected. Then consult some doctor and also do the following investigations.
a- go to some eye specialist and get ur eyes checked because mercury can be deposited on the lens of eyes in chronic cases.
b- get the tests done for ur kidney functions.
c- get the x-ray chest done once again.
Regarding the treatment, if diagnosed is removal of mercury from intestines and kidneys. For that take appointment from some local specialist.
Dr Khurram Raja,

Attn. : Dr. Sameera Bazli
I visit you web site and find quite good, i asked one advise some day back but still awaiting, so i again mail you. what the ways i avoid my pregency during intercourse specailly calculation of days .please help me
zoobia khan

Hi Zoobia Khan,
Thanks for using our FREE MEDICAL ADVICE. This was your first letter that we received regarding problem that you mentioned. And now your problem.

Safe period is actually calculated if the dates of couple of previous menstrual periods is known. But generally, if you have a regular menstrual cycle, the 10th day of the cycle upto 18th day is considered UNSAFE. But sometimes ovulation might occur before or after that period.

Other contraceptive methods might help like pills, injections and intra-uterine contraceptive devices (IUCD). It would be better if you provide us with information about your obstetrical history (menstrual cycle, any abortion etc) in brief. Only then would it be possible to suggest the most appropriate method of contraception for you.

Dr Sameera Bazli,

Sorry to bother you but I recently fell directly onto my left knee playing hockey. That was about a week ago. Well there is no pain when I walk most of the time but if you gently rub a finger around the center of my knee, it feels like the muscle has a spasm and it stings. It feels like the muscle or whatever is pushing out like 2 inches over to the side of where I'm touching. Also bending the knee fully tends not to hurt but there are times. I hope I described this ok to you and I would really appreciate any advice. I don't even know whether or not to put ice or an analgesic rub on it. Thanks for your time.

Dear Kevin,
THANKS for using our Free Medical Advice.
Knee joint is a complexed joint having three (3) bones and large number of ligaments and muscles and any of these maybe injured. From history, it seems, to be a MINOR injury of soft tissues around the knee joint. That needs nothing but REST and ANALGESICS for few days and gradual resumption of exercise. Ice or Hot packs will have soothing effects only if it is swollen and painful.
Dr Sajid Sheikh

Dear Doctor:
About a year ago I came to my neurosurgeon with a problem with my left hand. It was falling asleep, tingling, numbness, and burning specially at night. They did a nerve conduction test a full exam, neurological exam.They found nothing but I still had the same symptoms. I decided to wait on surgery or just live with it, but a year later I still have the same problem but worse. I can't manage it anymore. The Doctor did another test and it showed no damage to the nerve, but that I may have the ulnar nerve pinched under my elbow, where the funny bone is. Should I get the surgery? and What are some Pro and Cons about the surgery? Please help ease my worry!
Thank You,
Eddie Lebron

Dear Eddie Lebron,
THANKYOU for using our free medical advice.
Your history is suggestive of nerve compression. It is not mentioned in your history whether it is in whole hand or in some particular area. One possibility is compression of Median nerve at wrist and other possibility is compression of Ulnar nerve at elbow. For both, SURGERY IS VERY SIMPLE and most important is to differentiate between two. Median nerve compression gives symptoms on Index finger side and Ulner nerve compression on little finger side.
Dr Sajid Sheikh,

Question: How do I treat a deep heel bruise? It has been X-rayed which came back normal. It has been hurting for over a month despite limited use. Age 58, male.
Thank you.
Paul Eade

Dear Paul Eade,
THANKS for availing Free Medical Advice on EMED.
Regarding your problem,
a- A BRUISE is the collection of blood under the skin due to rupture of smaller blood vessels. It is a tissue damage because your X-RAYS are normal.
b- The CALCANEUS bone despite of all weight-bearing restrictions has multi-dimensional movements around it which is very hard to restrict.
c- Sometimes even an injury around this bone in the childhood can cause problems later in your age.
Keeping in view the above factors, it is declared that your injury is a tissue injury and this collection of blood will require quite sometime to heal despite of all limited use.
The only treatment is,
a- No weight-bearing.
b- Pain killers.
Keep your ankle immobile as much as possible and apply analgesic gels or use tablets. Be sure that even if you had minor fractures of Calcaneus bone, the treatment would have been still the same.

I am having a burning, tingling and numbing sensation down my left arm. It feel as though it is "asleep" most of the time. The pain awakens me during sleep and is relieved only when I sit up and continue to move my fingers and arm. Holding onto the steering wheel causes numbness within 10 minutes of driving. The burning sensation continues also throughout the day. Although I have never had back or neck problems I am beginning to suspect that there may be a nerve being pinched. I am an RN, and have had many jobs in the past that have required lifting. Thank you.
Rhonda Johnson.

Dear Rhonda Johnson,
Thanks for availing ‘Free Medical Advice’ on our web-site.
Regarding your problem, you didn’t mention your age but your suspicion seems quite possible. This burning, tingling and numbing sensation MAY BE associated with compression of a nerve, most probably in your cervical (neck) region which might be related to posture or otherwise (like spasm of the muscles of the neck and around).

RADIOGRAPHS of Cervical Spine will be helpful to diagnose. (On X-Rays, kindly rule out CERVICAL SPINE as well).Consultation by some local Neurophysician/Orthopaedic Surgeon is advisable.

Meanwhile you should,
a- Take care of your posture while sitting, driving and lifting heavy things.
b- Also try to keep your limbs warm.

Dear Sir, I have a very strange back pain which starts, when i walk, from the joint of my hips and passes through the whole left leg up to my knee.
Some times it is also felt in right leg and hips but often in left. This is not a regular pain but starts some times a day. It first appeared some 4 months ago and vanished and reappeared yesterday (2-12-2001) but today it seems it is again vanishing.
Some one pointed out that it relates to my nerves?
Please advice what should i do?
Sarfraz Ali

Dear Sir,
According to the history of your complaints and the symptoms you presented, it seems that there is problem with your SPINAL CORD.The probabilities are,
there is some disc problem which can be caused by some injury or in some patients it is due to over-weight problem………
In any case, it should be investigated properly and to rule out ANY DISC PROBLEM, you should have following x-rays,
X-Ray Lumbar spine, and,
X-Ray Sacral spine. (AP & Lat views)…….
For the timebeing you should be treated on the lines of LUMBAGO in which pain is due to some nerve compression in the spinal area. For that, please take the following medicine,
Tab. Piroxicam (twice daily) for your pain but get the x-rays and advice at the earliest.
At this time, u need to keep ur spinal cord straight. For that,
Use hard bed to sleep.
Physiotherapy can be helpful. A Physiotherapist can teach u certain exercises for your back which can help to control
your pain.

Dear Sir,
Unfortunately my son (of age near about five years) dropped from the stairs and there developed a fracture in his left arm shortly above from elbow, but fortunately both segments of the bone are in place and the elbow joint is also alright. We obtained treatment from the Mujahid Hospital (Orthopedic doctor Mr. Bisharat Manzoor) and the doctor has placed plaster over arm. Now after some days from the plaster my son looks much better. I want to ask you the following two questions:
As the bone of the arm has damaged, although it will be recovered soon Insha-Allah, but will it work just like before the fracture and there will be no loss of arm functionality?
Some times he feels itch under plaster and we have no means to relieve him. This situation is very irritating. Is there any way to avoid it?
Thanking you in anticipation.
Shafiq Baig

Dear Sir,
Sorry for the delay of 1 day due to Sunday. The answers to your questions are as follows:
Insha-Allah the working of the fractured arm will be excellent after removal of the Plaster provided the alignment of the bone is proper. I hope that you have already taken a CHECK X-RAY for that after the manipulation by Dr Basharat Manzoor.
Sometimes PHYSIOTHERAPY is needed for sometime after removal of the plaster for the movements of the joints if they are restricted by plaster. Still, there will perfect functioning of arm (again if alignment is proper).
For the itching, nothing could be done locally due to the presence of plaster. However, to control and reduce itching,
Syp.Avil (3/4 teaspoonful twice a day) will do the job. It sometimes induces more sleep. In that case,
Syp. Cerizine (1 teaspoonful once daily) will reduce itching.

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