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APPNA (Association of Pakistani Physicians of North America)

1976 October - A plenary session was held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dearborn. Approximately 20 physicians
1977 August - The Association was formally incorporated.
1978 June - The first formal meeting was held at Dearborn, Michigan.
1980 December - The first meeting in Pakistan was held at the Hotel Intercontinental, Karachi.
1981 July - The present constitution was presented and adopted during the annual summer meeting held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Chicago.
1986 March - Chicago was accepted as the permanent headquarters for the Association and the office moved to Downers Grove, Illinois, from Dallas, Texas.
1986 July - APPNA held a joint session with the American Association of Physicians from India, the Association of Philippine Physicians of America, the American College of International Physicians, and the Islamic Medical Association at Washington, DC. The Alliance of International Medical Graduates was thus created.
1988 July - APPNA SEHAT, a primary health care project to serve rural areas in Pakistan, was launched.
1989 - APPNA became the first organization to endorse Imran Khan's Cancer Hospital.
1990 - CAPPNA (Children of Association of Pakistani Physicians of North America) organized as an autonomous
1990 - Pak Pac, the political arm of APPNA, was registered as a separate entity.
1992 June - APPNA purchased the property for its central office in Westmont, Illinois.
1993 October - SAYA (Society of APPNA's Young Adults) organized as an autonomous organization.
1993 - Youth Forum formed to coordinate the activities of various components developing youth programs.
1994 June -(i) Sind Medical College Alumni Association joined APPNA. This was the first expansion of the Executive Council since the inception of the Association.
(ii)Constitution and Bylaws were amended to:
a) incorporate Regional Chapters and Physicians-in- Training Section as Component Societies of APPNA
b) define the role and functions of various committees
c) change the term of office to correspond to the fiscal year.
1994 October - Washington/Baltimore became the first chapter to gain recognition as a Component Society.
1996 October - Executive Council voted to launch a movement for Human Development in Pakistan.

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